Need help? Then ask for it.

We all keep hearing to this statement “A friend in need is a friend in deed”, and also believe in it. What do we do when we need some help in life, we ask for help, won’t we? We approach someone who can help us out with the situation, and obviously, the same goes the other way, we help people out when they need us. This all goes with a belief that, the problem can be solved with the help of someone who might have the experience in handling the situation or might have dealt with it earlier, or at least may relate to the problem.

This applies as much to the world of computer science and programming. The word “support” or “help” has become so prevailing in this tech-era, as more and more people are beginning to stay active on the community and support mediums. Today, a budding programmer might find answers to any of his doubts/errors/problems that she/he might be facing. There are innumerable resources available on the internet to seek and provide help. Communities like GitHub and Stack Overflow are the best aids for programmers, I would say. However, there are always some requirements —willingness of the person to express his doubt, error or problem, willingness to reach out for help and the patience to research.

But how? How do we ask for help? Who will help us out? How do we find the right person? Everything begins with searching out the error or the issue on google, you paste the error in the search area and just hit enter. You will find a number of discussions, forums and communities with threads regarding the issue. Have a look at those, research on the solution, see if it is feasible. By experience, I would suggest to never copy paste the code without understanding why and how the solution works. Remember, if you find the solution is helpful, make sure that you like or upvote it. Doing so, you will be helping other searchers to find the most probable or helpful solution.

Remember this — It is okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from it, It is okay to not know everything, but be willing to learn at every opportunity. There are other who might have faced the same problem and might have solved that problem in someway, all it takes is just a search to find solution.

Concluding, remember how I told about helping people back? If you find a solution to some problem, make sure that you share it in the community, that can be really helpful for someone else.

Whee!! Thanks for reading this blog. I really hope this would have helped you in some way. My intention with this blog and with the few upcoming blogs is to spread the right practices in the world of programming. And, yes!! my book “Falling for programming” is now out for sale in Once again, thanks for reading along. Hit the applause button below if you liked my work and do follow me on medium, some interesting content is on the way.


Engineer - Python and Version Control, Blogger and Author, Learner.

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Abhishek V Tatachar

Engineer - Python and Version Control, Blogger and Author, Learner.