From the world of data.

Visualizing data:

Data visualization is the task of picturing data in a graphical form. We do this so that it is easy to make inferences from the data. Data in the form of charts and graphs convey more information than data simply laying in tables. Graphical representation is also helpful in drawing attention to trends in the data, or variation of data in certain conditions. When it comes to visualization of data, there are different types of graph, some of which are bar graphs, line Graphs, pie charts and ojives.

Analyzing Data

Analyzing of data is usually done to either find the center of the data or the spread of data. Center of data is determined by the mean, median or the mode. On the other hand, the spread of the data can be determined by the range, variance and the standard deviation. We would see the measures of central tendency as well the spread in this article.



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Abhishek V Tatachar

Abhishek V Tatachar


Engineer - Python and Version Control, Blogger and Author, Learner.