An approach to learn a programming language.

  1. Find a Purpose: I have seen this happening, people randomly choose a programming language and want to start learning that language. The thing is that before you choose a programming language, find a purpose for programming. Erase the concept that, just knowing a programming language will fetch you a job. Knowing a programing language without the knowledge of how to use that programming language practically is of no use. Ideally, find a project, then find a suitable programming language that will help you with the project, learn the language and finish the project.
  2. The art of asking: For a good programmer, the foremost thing he has to do is to ask questions. Why did something happened when I wrote this piece of code? What did I miss out in my code? How can I make my code more efficient? Ask ask ask. Follow communities, and one such supportive community is the Stack Overflow community, you can literally find solutions to most of your coding questions on Stack Overflow. Understand that there is someone else who was also once stuck at the same point. He would havefound a solution and that solution could help you. And another important thing, give back to the community. You find a solution, consider sharing it, someone else could have the same issue and is looking for a solution.
  3. Take baby steps: So, now that you know what you which language you want to learn. Start learning. Find a suitable course, there are a lot of them available on Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, LinkedIn, and many more platforms. Remember, never finish a course with the urgency of obtaining a certificate, take baby steps in understanding every concept thoroughly and make sure you practically type out and implement each concept. You learn when you write, that’s the logic.
  4. Debug: This step, debugging has thought me a lot. I find it very interesting when I get to solve errors, or bugs my friends encounter at college. Solving bugs or debugging gives you a vast exposure on how to tackle problems that can arise while programming. Having this knowledge will not only help you when you encounter such bugs, but also lets you know why something happened.



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Abhishek V Tatachar

Abhishek V Tatachar


Engineer - Python and Version Control, Blogger and Author, Learner.